Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee the best price in your locality.Prove us wrong and choose your price.

100% Fresh

We guarantee our team will provide you with the freshest,juiciest & crispiest fruits and vegetables sourced locally from farmers delivered to your doorstep.

Customer Service

Our customers dont expect us to be perfect,however they do expect us to fix things when they do go wrong with a smile on our face and THATS where our team exceeds.

What We Do?

Seamless supply chain from farm to fork

Keeping It Local

We buy locally grown vegetables directly from growers and farmers thus avoiding multiple handling of fruits and vegetables providing us with the freshest vegetables available in market to supply to our customers. This system works extremely well within our business and is something that we are continually nurturing and developing as part of our on-going commitment in the sourcing of local products directly from farmers and is a valued part of our whole business ethos. We believe in providing complete transparency to our farmers and hence the real price of their produce is shared on a daily basis which safeguards their trust and loyalty in working with us, thus doing our bit towards corporate social responsibility. This further enables us with full traceability of all produce, ensuring high quality and tracking of food miles.

Our Secret to Freshness

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we purchase the whole farm, all good and bad, from the farmers to help them realize the true value of their produce. To make sure our customers receive the best of the best, we have mobile sorting, grading and packaging centres that ensure timely delivery of quality produce. In regards with our packaging, we at TreeFresh have been most innovatively disruptive and that has been highly appreciated by our valued customers.

Delivering Freshness

We bring you fresh seasonal produce daily from our farmers family right to your doorstep in the most hassle free way. Our main focus is to maintain freshness and it is made sure that all our produce is delivered within 12-14 hours of harvesting via cold supply chain.

What We Have Done So Far?

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What People Are Saying?


Reliance Fresh

TREE FRESH is a great company to be in business with. Their focus on customer service is top rate and I know I can always count on them to assist me with anything I need.


Big bazar

The support that we receive from TREE FRESH is friendly, professional, absolutely timely and extraordinarily efficient. They are conscious of customer requirements and makes sure defect-free fresh produce is always delivered.


Big Basket

They have always been easy to deal with and have outstanding customer service. General Produce has always had quality product and service and is always willing to help our stores in any way they can.


D Mart

TREE FRESH exceptional produce quality and freshness is unmatched. The staff is professional, punctual, and always makes sure our order is correct and on time. The employees are very friendly, even at 4 am, and we appreciate them.


Star Market

TREE FRESH is one of our favorite vendors since a long time. We tried several other vendors but TREE FRESH product is always consistently better quality than the competition, plus the reliability of accurate orders and timely deliveries makes them standout, as it does today.



"TREE FRESH has always supplied GO4FRESH with the highest quality produce at a competitive price. The customer service provided by them is attentive and responsive."



TREE FRESH has always shows concern about our business and has creative solutions to help us grow our business. This all comes about from a professional, friendly group of people who are always two steps ahead when it comes to providing excellent service.



Quality and consistency are very important for our business. TREE FRESH has done a fantastic job for my customers. General Produce has been very reliable, honest, and easy to work with. It is refreshing to work with such expertise. We are always happy in taking new initiatives with TREE FRESH because we know we will receive unparalleled support.



TREE FRESH always shows concern about business and has creative solutions to help us grow our business. They go above and beyond the call of duty and have built a partnership by not only resolving our issues but assisting us with fresh ideas.